Thursday, August 26, 2010

And the Knitting Continues... Maybe

Well, I gave knitting a fair shot. First the can cozy, and to really give it a go, I decided to make a quick scarf. I grabbed a spool of ribbon I had purchased to crochet with (that I never decided what to make out of), and set about making a skinny, cute scarf.

Using my size 8 needles (still my only set), I cast on 15 times. Sticking with the regular knit stitch, which is the only one I know, I stitched until I ran out of ribbon. Well, the scarf is a little shorter than I would like it, by about half. I admit, it looks really cute, and if I had enough material to finish it, I would have.
But I did discover something about myself. I am most definitely, NOT a knitter. More power to all you knitters out there, I'm going back to my crochet hooks. After more than 25 years of crocheting, that is definitely in my blood. When I crochet, I can feel the stitches, and can sometimes work on my project without looking at it (which amazes my husband). When I knit, I have to stare at every stitch and totally concentrate, I'm always worried I'm going to drop a stitch, and I panic when I do. I like to relax and enjoy myself when I craft, and knitting is not the way for me.

After taking the time to make a real attempt at knitting, and falling a little short of my completed product, I elected to reuse that ribbon to crochet a scarf instead. By using a really big hook (size ) I did a quick skinny scarf (11 ch, skip 1st ch, sc in remaining 10, ch 1 turn, repeat). I'm quite fond of my new scarf, although it won't exactly keep me warm this winter, it will look so cute!

The more I think about it, the more I believe that anyone just learning to either crochet or knit, should really learn both at the same time. I think exposure to both of these crafts at the same time would make it easier for someone to switch between them, and find a love for both.

So to my knitting friends in blogland, grab those needles and knit something I can't. And to my crocheting friends out there, grab that hook and make something fabulous those knitters can't. Lastly, to those lucky few who can do both, I'd love to see them combined into one project, blend those two arts, and do up a little something none of the rest of us can.


  1. I tried knitting every now and then for years, but never really got the hang of it. Crocheting is clearly my game.

    Thanks for stopping by my site!

  2. This blog is so nice to me. I will continue to come here again and again. Visit my link as well. Good luck


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