Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Quilt Kit Giveaway and September Charity of the Month

Project Linus
Our first official 'Charity of the Month' is Project Linus. The Project Linus Mission (copied from their website with permission):

'Project Linus is comprised of hundreds of local chapters and thousands of volunteers across the United States. Each volunteer and local chapter all work together to help us achieve our mission which is to provide love, a sense of security, warmth and comfort to children who are seriously ill, traumatized, or otherwise in need through the gifts of new, handmade blankets and afghans, lovingly created by volunteer “blanketeers.”

Together we have distributed over three million blankets to children in need since our inception in 1995.'

Something as small and simple as a blanket, bringing comfort to seriously ill children. I first came in contact with Project Linus due to a close friend and her daughter's heart problems at birth. She had TOTAL ANAMOLUS PULMONARY VEINUS RETURN or TAPVR. A rare heart defect. She had 2 veins curved back into the same heart chamber. At the Children's Hospital in Oakland, doctors (including one brought in from Stanford) had to remove the problem veins, and a create pathway for the blood to flow properly to the other chambers. They just closed off the bad chamber, and she now has a unique 3 chambered heart. She also had a problem with a valve they were able to repair, but compared to the TAPVR this secondary problem was very minor. Volunteers crocheted her a hat and brought her stuffed animals.

She is now healthy and happy and growing like any other girl her age, and I know the kindness and gifts from people they didn't even know, were a welcome blessing to the family during such a scary time.

In honor of my dear friend, we are donating 10% of all the "awareness" sales in our ArtFire store for the entire month of September to Project Linus. AND:

In addition my mom will be donating this 'Baby Spies' crib quilt that she made especially for her local Project Linus chapter (along with any other blankets she finishes or collects from family, friends, and neighbors!). The quilt was designed with bright colors and fanciful novelty fabrics with pictures of things a very young child would find trains, candy, mermaids, dogs, cats, zoo animals, dragons, dinosaurs...and so much more. All done in 100% cotton fabrics for lasting durability and with Warm and Safe batting which is Eco-Friendly, Naturally Fire Retardant, Non Toxic, Non Allergenic and Chemical Free.

And now for the Giveaway . . .

'Baby Spies' Crib Quilt Kit

Everything you need to make your own 'Baby Spies' quilt, except a sewing machine and time...hopefully you already have those. The kit will include 48 pre-cut squares of 100% cotton novelty fabrics (the same ones used in the pictured quilt above, 192 pre-cut triangles from 100% cotton Pizazz fabric (the same colors used in the pictured quilt above), binding, backing, Warm and Safe Crib Batting, a spool of white thread, and instructions with pictures. Finished crib quilt will measure approximately 36" X 48".

Note from Mom: Project Linus is dear to my heart because of the wonderful people at San Joaquin Hospital where my grandson Skyler and his twin brother Sonny were delivered 2 months early and spent several weeks in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit where they received tiny little knitted caps and mittens, Children's Hospital of Oakland where Skyler had surgery to remove a computer battery that had lodged in his esophagus and been misdiagnosed for several weeks leading to scar tissue that had to be removed and his esophagus dilated every other week for several months and where he received a small teddy bear with scrubs and a mask on every visit (I believe he has 12 of the little teddies),

U.C. Davis Hospital where Skyler was airlifted via helicopter due to a near drowning and was given a flannel blanket with rubber ducks, and last (hopefully!!!) to Kootenai General Hospital where Skyler was taken by ambulance to have stitches put in two very deep cuts after falling and landing on glass and where he was given a fleece blanket with crocheted edging. Skyler and Sonny just turned 5 and Sonny thinks it is unfair that Skyler keeps getting to go to the hospital in ambulances and helicopters and gets teddy bears and blankets and he has never been to the doctor except for checkups and shots where all they give you is stickers and sometimes a sucker. Thank you to all the wonderful doctors and nurses out there who give so much of themselves each and every day, and thank you to all the volunteers who lend their time and their hearts to make others feel comforted.

Easy to win, do the Mandatory Entry, and any of the Additional Entries you like, add a separate comment for each. If your email is not in your Blogger profile, be sure to leave it on each entry comment.

Mandatory Entry
You must do this before any of the additional entries
~ Look around our ArtFire store, and tell us your favorite item. Be sure to visit the growing awareness section of our ArtFire store for items that will benefit the Charity of the Month

Additional Entries
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~ Visit us on eBay and find a fabric that would look great in a baby quilt.
~ Tweet about this giveaway (only 1 Tweet per giveaway)
~ Add a post to your Blog about the giveaway, link to this post and to Project Linus
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This drawing ends at midnight on September 30th (MST, -7:00 GMT). Winner will be chosen from all eligible entries using on October 1st. Winner will be notified via email and will have 3 business days to claim prize (by providing shipping information) or a new winner will be selected from the remaining entries.


  1. I really like the 6 Patriotic Sunbonnet Sue Redwork Machine Embroidered Quilt Blocks

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  3. The Patriotic Sunbonnet Sue Redwork Machine Embroidered Quilt Blocks ar so cute!

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  6. I think the Bear Flower Butterfly Fabric would be cute on a baby quilt.

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  7. Ohhh, great giveaway. My fave item is the Embroidered Save our Hooters Breast Cancer Awareness Tote- so funny and cute- with a great message too :)

  8. I'm a gfc follower too

  9. I like the santa and holly baby christmas stocking.

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  12. I really like the "turn yout t-shirt into a quilt" These are so cool!

  13. Ooh, I haven't sew a quilt since 2008 or so . . . having pre-cut blocks would be such a time saver! My fave item from artfire would have to be the Princess Leia wig/buns:

    + all the other Star Wars items . . . ;-)


  14. I like the blue silver filigree Christmas stocking the best.

    Thanks for the chance to win!


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  15. I like the 6 Patriotic Sunbonnet Sue Redwork Machine Embroidered Quilt Blocks
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  16. I like the Large Embroidered Awareness Ribbon Tree Tote, especially since it's available in any color.
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  17. I think the Red Watercolor Stripes Quilt Cotton Fat Quarter Fabric from your ebay shop would make a very striking baby blanket perhaps paired with a black and white pattern, since babies love lots of contrast. (well, maybe for a play blanket, and not a relaxing one)

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  20. One of my fave e-bay store items is the costume pattern here:

  21. I like the Any Color Awareness Ribbon FreeStanding Lace FSL Embroidered Earrings

  22. I really like the Any Color Awareness Ribbon FreeStanding Lace FSL Embroidered Earrings!


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  26. I especially like the Personalized White and Black Zebra Faux Fur Christmas Stocking.

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  27. I follow CraftGals on Twitter

    pippirose59 at gmail dot com

  28. I like the Bear Flower Butterfly Fabric. Thanks for this great giveaway!

  29. Congratulations to the winner of this contest. Monkey Momma!

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