Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Project Update: Christmas Gifts

64 days until Christmas.  I should have been working on Christmas projects for months now, but life got in the way and I'm just beginning the process.  I've got 22 grandchildren, nieces and nephews on my Christmas gift list.  More than some of you, but less than others.  With the economy the way it is, I certainly can't afford to spend $20 on each child, let alone the $50 to $100 toys being advertised on television during the after school programs for kids.  Last year I made pillowcases out of fun fabrics and my daughter and son-in-law embroidered each with the child's name in wonderful fonts that matched the fabric.  This year I've decided to make Christmas Loot Bags for all the kids.  I've gone through all my fabrics and chosen 22 different Christmas fabrics and cut one yard pieces.  I've made an excel spreadsheet with a description of the fabric, the child's name and thread color and passed the information on to my daughter.  She'll embroider each child's name on a piece of 100% cotton white fabric measuring 5" X 8".  If she didn't have the time, I would have either embroidered the names  by hand, used fabric paint, or applique the names.

While De'Anna and David are embroidering the names I'll start sewing up the Christmas Loot Bags and creating a casing at the top to insert a drawstring.  When I get the name blocks back, I'll applique them onto each Loog Bag.  The Loot Bags will be wrapped and handed out as the first gift the children get on Christmas Eve so that they can put all the goodies they get from everyone inside.  Easy to carry home.  Hopefully, the kids will bring their loot bags to every Christmas Eve family get together.


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