Monday, October 19, 2009

Featured Crafter: Trinity Joyce Chapin Princess Ballerina Butterfly

Trinity and her Boys

Trinity and her twin brothers Sonny and Skyler have lived with me (Grandma Cat) since they were born (there Daddy lives here too). Trinity became a 'crafter' at an early age by following me around the house, watching whatever I was doing and asking...oh...about a zillion questions. Just to show you how far gone this 5 year old is, over the past week she has been coloring pages in every coloring book she can find and gently tearing them out of the books. She tells everyone that her Daddy is going to build her a booth that she is going to set up in our front yard so that she can have a Boutique to sell her beautiful pictures. Oh, and they are only going to cost one dollar each, except the one with the rainbow. That one will be two dollars.

 Princess Trinity with her Artwork

When Trinity was 3 years old her Nana asked what she would like for Christmas. Trinity replied, "A sewing 'chine."  When asked what she would do with a sewing machine, without skipping a beat, she replied, "Make something for eBay." Nana and Papa bought her a sewing machine and her Grams bought her a sewing basket and filled it with lots of wonderful gadgets. Trinity keeps both the sewing machine and the sewing basket in the top floor of her doll house where 'my boys' (as she calls her brothers) can't reach.

Interview with Trinity Joyce Chapin Princess Ballerina Butterfly:

Trinity, do you like to make things?
Um, yes, like rainbows and making butterflies, and dolly clothes, and Barbie and Ken clothes.

Who taught you about making things?
I just rewinded in my head stuff my Grandma Cat did.

How much time do you spend making things?
Like, 5 minutes or maybe even more.

Do you make things for presents, to sell or just for fun?
For all of those things.

Is there anything else you would like to share?
Making rainbows, rainbow flowers and rainbow butterflies is fun and anyone can do it...if they have color crayons.

When you grow up, what would you like to do?
Be a doctor so I could give people 3 shots each.

Note:  Trinity had to get booster shots when she was four.  She received 3 shots in one arm and 2 shots in the other arm..  After the first shot, she asked politely "No more, please."  But she was given another and then another.  By the time the fifth shot was adminstered, Trinity was wailing hysterically and begging, "No more!  No more!"  Her daddy, who was holding her while she got the shots, and I were crying right along with her.  She has not forgotten the experience and apparently is planning her revenge.

Dear Reader/Follower:  We would love to know your thoughts about our crafter interviews.  Our goal is to inform, entertain, and inspire.  Please let us know if we are on the right track by posting a comment.  Happy Crafting from Cathy and De'Anna, Mother and Daughter, Partners in Crafting.


  1. Ahh, looks like your grand daughter is following in your steps.

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  3. Hi I am a nana.
    I have a little crafter as well, her name is pretty p and she is 7. I got her a little sewing machine and her mother a big girls sewing machine for Christmas. P used the little machine for a day and became very frustrated. wanted to try her mother, she been using it ever since. I tease her mother telling her she has to use the kitty machine.

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