Saturday, September 12, 2009

Personalized Custom Pillow Case

Create beautiful, fun pillowcases for young and old alike. Everyone deserves a good night's sleep and what better way to fall asleep than on a pillowcase designed especially with them in mind. Use 100% novelty cottons which come in lots of wonderful prints...princesses, frogs, dragons, teddy bears, wedding themes, Christmas, Halloween, and so much more. Trash those boring white pillowcases and liven up the bedroom. Oh, that sounds a bit kinky. Well, liven up the bedroom decor.

All you need is a cute cotton print for the body, 1/4 yard of a coordinating solid color for the band, your personalization (see project instructions for personalization options), matching thread, a sewing machine, and a bit of time.

Click here to view full project detials


  1. That is completely adorable....too bad I don't have the skill or patience to do this. Very nice tho!!

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