Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Humor: Top Ten Places to Hide Fabric

Some husbands don't understand the need for a fabric stash. Here are ten clever places to hide fabric from hubby. If you haven't used all of these place already, start shopping!

#10 Between the mattress and boxsprings of all the beds in the house.

#9 In bins marked Easter, Halloween or Christmas decorations.

#8 Inside a fold out sofabed.

#7 Hang yardage on hangers, then slide a dress or coat over it.

#6 Folded neatly in the linen closet under the towels and sheets.

#5 In your dresser drawers underneath your unmentionables.

#4 In boxes labeled' old tax returns'.

#3 In the summer, store them in bins labeled 'winter clothes'. In the winter store them in bins labeled 'summer clothes'.

#2 In the closet with the vacuum. How often does he ever go in there?

#1 Right out in the open. Most husbands won't even notice it.


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