Saturday, September 5, 2009

Flannel Nursing Pads

Whip up dozens of nursing pad sets in fun flannel prints. Fast and easy to make. Adorable gift for the mother-to-be or nursing mom. For a great boutique seller create 6 to 12 coordinating sets and bundle them together. All pink flannels...all blue flannels...a rainbow of flannels...all flowers...all animals...all retro prints...go crazy and have fun! 6 sets will usually last for a full day of nursing. Having 12 sets on hands gives a little leeway for laundering.

All you need to make 12 sets is 1/2 yard of printed flannel, 1/2 yard unprinted flannel, 1/2 yard unprinted fleece, matching thread, a sewing machine, and a bit of time.

Click here to view full project detials


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