Wednesday, September 5, 2012

New Fused Glass Decals

They are in stock finally!  18 new cards of decals for fused glass art . . . or whatever type of glass you would like to decorate.  To the left is our new dance card featuring ballet, jazz, waltz, jitterbug, rope, hula, belly and pole dancing.  Too Fun!

 With the nick name Grandma Cat, a card featuring cats had to be designs.  I tried to create a versatile card with some of the basic cat silhouettes that you would expect as well as some humorous ones and some rather frightening felines.

For all of you dog lovers out there, I've put together a card with 25 recognizable dog silhouettes along with some fun phrases.  The curved 'My Best Friend' fits nicely over the dogs and can be positioned at the angle that looks the best on the piece it is being applied to.

We've got all the new decal designs listed on EBay, Artfire and our website  Of course, due to the fees EBay and Artfire charge, you'll find the best price on our website.  No matter where you choose to purchase our decals, shipping will be $1.75 anywhere in the USA for any number of decals you select.

I hope you have as much fun using these decals as we had designing them.  I would love to see what you decide to do with them.  Pictures are always welcome!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!
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  2. I need a dog and cat (together) fusion glass decal or stamaper for my dichroic jewelry. I can only find them separately. Can you help me?
    Thank you.


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