Saturday, June 25, 2011

Just having some decal fun . . .

I've had some requests to see our fused glass decals on non-fired items; so this morning I've been playing with some votive candles, soap and a page from a magazine.  Here are some of the results:

Dusty picked up 2 bars of white soap from the Dollar Store yesterday and this morning I cut out bits and pieces from our Sea Creature, Fish, and Sharks and Whales Cards.  I used small embroidery scissors to cut out the decals and tweezers to help handle the little pieces in the water and placement on the soaps.  Use your imagination to create scenes of your own.  You can put the decals any color soap.  One of the fun things about putting decals on soap is that as you use the soap, the decals stay intact while the bar of soap gets smaller and smaller.

I used a skull off the Guys N Gals Card and a spider web off the Creepy Crawlies card to create two fun votive candles for Halloween.

The couple dancing under the chandelier from the Guys N Gals Card or the Dragonfly from the Dragonfly Card could be used as wedding favors.

For patio parties and picnics 2 strips of ants from the Creepy Crawlies Card fits perfectly around a votive candle.  I used a strip of grass and a weeping willow tree from the Tree Card and a tiny fairy from the Flower Fairy Card for fun outdoor votives.  Try putting decals on insect repelling citronella candles to dress them up for your next bar-b-que.

For something a bit nautical I've used a ship and lighthouse from the Sea Creatures Card and made an ocean scene with seaweed, coral and an Angler fish from the Fish Card.

Scrapbook Makers!  Our decals work great on scrapbook paper.  All my scrapbook supplies are on vacation somewhere (haven't come across them since we moved to Idaho last summer) so I cut a page out of a magazine.  I used a tree from the Tree Card to place on the picture of the planter.  Looks like it belongs there, doesn't it?  I was careful to wipe away most of the water before I put the decal on the page to prevent the page from warping.

The last thing I did this morning with the fused glass decals was to put some on small porcelain blanks.  These will need to be fired later to set the decals.  I've used decals from the Butterfly, Flower Fairy and Creepy Crawlies Cards for these.

I had fun and hope that I've given you lots of ideas for projects of your own.

Until next time, Happy Crafting!
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