Friday, October 1, 2010

Ironing Board Cover

Ironing Board Cover

Okay, here's another one of those 'must do' projects. While I was making the fat quarter valance for my kitchen and taking pictures as I went along, I realized that my ironing board cover looked quite disgusting:
So I grabbed a piece of fabric that I had won from an eBay auction for about half of what it would have cost at the fabric store (including the shipping) and draped it over the ironing board for the pictures. Looked much nicer. Then I remembered why I bid on that particular piece of fabric in the first was to make a cover for my crappy looking ironing board.

Since I've already pulled, packaged and shipped my eBay sales for the day (and instead of cleaning house, cooking or gardening), I think I will finally turn that fabric into an ironing board cover.

Step 1:
Clear all junk off ironing board.

My mother used to say that if you presented a flat surface to my dad, he would fill it up. Guess I take after Dad. When I took off the blue cover that looked so bad, I found a striped cover that was in bad shape as well.
Wow, all the original cover had under it was a very thin layer of yellow foam that was falling apart, had an 'off' smell, and felt creepy.
Wadded it up and threw it away. Took the string out of the casing of the old cover, ironed the cover flat to use as a template. Hmmm, found something interesting. Instead of sewing a casing along the edge of the cover like the blue cover, the edging has a wide overcast stitch with the tightening string within the stitching. I like this method as it seems like it would be quite easy to do. Read on to see if it worked for me.

Step 2:
Ironed the old cover and used it as a template by pinning the old cover on top of the new fabric. Cut out the new cover. My ironing board cover needed a piece of fabric 58" long by 17" wide.

Step 3:
I sewed a loose casting stitch around the edge of the cover with the tension string within the stitches (being careful not to sew through the string). I used the string from the old cover since it was still quite strong.

Alternate casings: Sew bias tape around the edge, or sew a hem all the way around, leaving an opening at the center back of the cover to pull and tie the string.

Step 4:
Before I actually secured the new cover to the ironing board I cut a piece of The Warm Company's Insul-Bright the size and shape of the ironing board, then put the cover on top of it. Since Insul-Bright reflects heat back to the source, it will make ironing quicker and give crisper seams.

This was the most fun I've had sewing in a long time. Probably because it was a quick and easy project (I'm always up for 'instant gratification'), or possibly because I learned a new technique (sewing the tension string inside the overcast stitch).
As usually, Happy Crafting from Cathy (and Trinity) at Captive Illusions!

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