Thursday, September 16, 2010

Great Time to Get an ArtFire Shop

If you haven't checked out ArtFire yet, why not?

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

ArtFire, a great place to sell (and buy) handcrafted goods, is having a fabulous deal! To celebrate their official exit from Beta, they are offering a monthly rate of $5.95 per month for a shop. With normal prices of $15.95 per month, this is a great deal that I just had to share.

There is a small catch, the deal is only good if they get 20,000 people to sign up for it. And they are limiting it to the first 50,000 people. But considering that they've already gotten over 3,000 people to sign up for the deal and it's only been 2 or 3 days, I don't think there is going to be a problem hitting that 20,000 mark.

You have to sign up for an account now, you can sign up for the free basic account or go for the paid account at the current rate, until the deal goes through. There's no long term commitment here, you only agree to 1 month, then you can stop your paid shop if you decide it's not for you. They have a 45 day success plan available to help you get off to a good start. So sign up for your store now, and opt in to the special.

I love my ArtFire shop, and am planning on expanding into multiple shops for different interests. Come join us!

Until next time, Happy Crafting!


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