Sunday, September 19, 2010

Crochet Afghan

My first Christmas project in progress. I have modified the colors so the recipient won't guess who it's for. Sneaky, right?

Anyway, I'm crocheting an afghan, in a chevron stitch. Now, its been a long time since I've done one, so I drew on my database to see what I remember. This is how I decided to proceed.

I stitched a loose chain (ch) in increments of 17 to about twice the length I wanted the afghan. Add one for turning, and turn. Now I am doing the entire blanket in single crochet (sc).

Turn, skip one stitch, *sc in the next 7 ch, skip 2 ch, sc in next 7 ch, 3 sc in next ch, repeat from *, if counted right, you should end on a 7.
{ch 1, turn, 2 sc in first sc, 1 sc in next 5 sc, this should put you in a valley of a chevron. **Skip 2 sc, sc in next 7 sc, 3 sc in top sc (peak of chevron), sc in next 7, repeat from ** until you get to the end of the row, 2 sc in last sc, ch 1 and turn}.
Repeat { } until you have the height you want for your finished afghan.

Well, at this point I'm about halfway done, and putting in a little time each night. There's 2 ways to do this, the long way (working up and down the long direction) or the short way (working side to side from the bottom to the top). I am doing the short way, in which case I recommend not leaving the tails when you switch colors for tassels, but weaving them back into your work as you go.

 I'll be finishing with an edging around the entire blanket. If you work the long way, you can leave long tails when you change colors, then make tassels with your leftover yarn and include those tails as part of the tassel, trimming to match length.

Will update when it's all done. Have fun crocheting, let us know what you're up to.

Until next time, Happy Crafting


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