Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Christmas Projects

While my mom is working on Heather's quilt, I'm getting started on my Christmas projects. What you see here is the pile of materials waiting for me to start doing something with them. I know, I should have started everything a couple months ago, but that's just me. 

So, what you see here is fleece, cotton, velvetine, 4 patterns, buttons (for fun accents), some thread, my good scissors (you know, the ones that the hubby is NEVER allowed to touch), and my sewing machine. All stacked in a daunting pile on my sewing desk. The kind of pile that scares me right out of my craft room. 

But I have a plan. I'm going to stack it all under a table on the other side of the room, and only pull out the one piece I need to do one project at a time. Otherwise, I'll overwhelm myself and have 20 half finished projects come the day before Christmas Eve that I stay up all night trying desperately to finish, until I've realized I haven't gotten any sleep, I'm exhausted, I want to cry, and I still have to wrap it all. Well, at least that's what happened last year... But I digress. 

Now I'll decide what I'm going to start with, I have a long list of all the people I'm making something for (this year that is everyone). I think I'll start with some fleece work. There is a cute pattern (bottom right) that has a bunch of cute fleece hat patterns, stay tuned for the results of the first hat!

Happy Crafting 


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  1. 88 days until Christmas...20 projects? Gotta finish 1 project every 4 days. Get goin' Girl!


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