Monday, September 21, 2009

Featured Crafter: firedglass aka Lynne Lane

This week we would like to introduce Lynne Lane from Milton Keynes, United Kingdom and her firedglass eBay store with stunning dichroic and non-dichroic cabochons.

Lynne started crafting at a very young age knitting and sewing with her mother, continued crafting as she raised her children and now enjoys glass fusing, cooking, gardening, and photography among many other activities.

Photograph taken by Lynne Lane

This is a view of a boat on the Grand Union Canal which is a couple of hundred yards away from Lynne's house. Spectacular.

Lynne, what type of crafts do you enjoy?

All of them. When my children were young I went to the local arts center and took lessons in silver smithing. My friend calls me (in a nice way) a craft tart. I have over the years tried most crafts. I've done quilling, silk painting,stamping, scrapbook, printing quilting, jewelry making, cross stitching, beading, photography, paper crafting (cards), pottery, glass fusing...I'm sure there's a lot more I've tried over the years.

Do you have a favorite craft?

Glass fusing by a mile. Part of my fascination with glass fusing is the uncertainly. The anticipation, the adrenaline rush...wondering if the pieces will turn out the way I had planned and hope for or will there be a total meltdown? Although I have a good idea how a piece will turn out, opening the kiln is a special moment. Sometimes things work out, sometimes they don't

Are there other crafts you would like to try?

Slip casting in ceramics. I would like to develop a range of ceramic pendants and buttons.

What inspires you?

That's a tricky quetion. I take a lot of pictures of things that look interesting. Usually closeups showing details of texture and color. I went to a pop concert once and the lighting was beautiful and very dramatic. When I got home, I made made some quick sketches.

Any funny or embarrassing craft moments?

I did a lot of craft things with my children when they were young. I was a youth club leader for awhile and found this wonderful textured paint that I thought would be great for the kids to have fun with. The kids had great fun, but the parents weren't too happy because I had neglected to check the drying time of the paint. Imagine over 40 children leaving the local community center with very wet paintings on a breezy day. One time my camera would have come in handy!

How many hours per week do you get to enjoy crafting?

Not enough. There is never enough time to get everything done. In between crafting, I have to have time garden (I grow vegetables and lots of herb). Then I need time to enjoy cooking (with the veggies and herbs). I often go for walks around the beautiful town I live in taking pictures like The Grand Union Canal (picture at beginning of interview). Oh, and most importantly there are family and friends to enjoy.

Have you ever hurt yourself crafting?

All the time! I have a big box of plasters (adhesive bandage) Glass splinters are the worst since you can feel them, but you can't see them.

Do you have friends and/or relatives that craft?

My Mom still knits although arthritis now makes it difficult. My sister is very good at sketching/drawing. My daughter has painted some pictures for her flat (apartment) and does a bit of beading. It was a friend that introduced me to cross stitch.

Is crafting a hobby, business or both for you?

Glass fusing started off as a hobby. For a while I combined silver smithing with glass fusing. A few years ago I got tired of my office job and am lucky enough to have a husband that encouraged me to work for myself and make my own small business.

Do you ever work on a commission basis?

I have gotten some wonderful commissions. A memorable one was for a wedding in London with a red theme. I made glass fused cufflinks for the groom, tiny necklaces for the bridesmaids, and a large pendant with matching earrings for the bride. All used the same base red glass but had individual touches.

What does the future hold for you?

I hope to carry on learning new techniques in glass fusing by attending more workshops. I would love a digital SLR camera and do more photography.


Thank you, Lynne! You know how much I admire your pieces and I'm sure many of our readers will love them too. When I finish my sister's vest using some of the pink cabochons I turned into buttons I'll pop a picture on here.


  1. She's really artistic! I love the photograph by the way. Her crafts are something else too :) Love the design of those necklaces, very colorful and unique. Glass is hard to work with too!

  2. i love your work- I do beading mostly now but also would love to get into glass! I want to do dichroic glass beads! So beautiful! I have done glass work but only smaller things like etching (true etching not cream) and I have made items from cut glass- I have never been into tiling but so would love to do fusing or blown glass. Dichroic is the goal though. I have made faux dichroic w/ polymer and gold leaf- It is fun and easy but to make true dichroic glass and see each individual piece come out would be so exciting!

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