Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dress A Girl Around The World Campaign

A few weeks ago we posted instructions on how to make a pillowcase dress.  Here is my granddaughter wearing the first pillowcase dress I made.  Yesterday my daughter and Partner in Crafting, De'Anna, found out about a wonderful campaign of Hope 4 Women International entitled 'Dress A Girl Around The World'.

Originally two women from the United States delivered new or gently used pillowcases to women in Smile Africa Ministries and  taught the women how to make pillowcase dresses.  Sewing the dresses not only teaches the women to sew, but also clothes their children.

We would like to become involved in the campaign that asks you to 'Imagine a world where every little girl had at least one dress!  What if that dress where made by you?'  We would like to invite you along for the ride.  This Saturday my daughter, my sister, my granddaughter and I are going to spend the day making pillowcase dresses.  We'll take pictures and post them on Monday.

Next week we'll send out invitations to all of our family member for a Create a Dress Fest, where we will all work together to see how many dresses we can put together in a day.  Then we'll deliver fliers door to door in our neighborhood and see what happens on the day we set aside for Neighbors dressing Neighbors in Need. 

Please become a part of this with us.

There are so many ways you can help:

One Way To Help:  Take an hour or two and make just one pillowcase dress and send it to us.  We will add it to the ones we've made and add your name to the donation card when we forward all the dresses we make and collect to Hope 4 Women International.

Another Way To Help:  Send a new or gently used pillowcase to us and we will make a dress out of it.  I've read that a good place to find lots of gently used pillowcases is from the Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Another Way To Help:  Send any of the items needed to make a pillowcase dress from your supplies on hand...1 yard pieces of cotton fabric from your stash, 1/2" to 1" wide elastic, or thread.

Another Way To Help:  Purchase 1 yard of fabric from our eBay store and ask us to make a dress from it.  You will not be charged shipping, so don't pay the automated invoice.  We'll send a revised invoice without shipping charges.

Another Way To Help:  If you decide to do something with your church, family or sewing group for Hope 4 Women International because of something you read on our blog . . . please let us know.  And if you can, please send us pictures of your work.

Now I better give my sister a call and let her know that instead of recovering my dining room chairs this Saturday, we'll be working on the Dress A Girl Around The World pillowcase dresses!

Use our Pillowcase Dress Instructions or use How To Make a Pillow Case  Dress directly from Hope 4 Women International.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog Giveaway: 5 Personalized Christmas Stockings

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It's time for another Captive Illusions Give-Away!  
No you are not seeing double...or triple...or...ummm...quintuple???
Set of 5 Personalized Christmas Stockings

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WOW!  Imagine your mantel with 5 matching personalized Christmas Stockings!  These stockings are plush, plush, plush.  The body of the stocking is a rich Christmas red with short faux fur.  The cuff is 5" of white, long faux fur, lined in white cotton, with a discrete white cord for hanging.  Cuff will be machine embroidered in matching red thread with your choice of font and any name you choose.  Use them for the family, give them as gifts to friends and/or co-workers.  These stockings sell in our eBay store for $20.00 each...times 5 stockings is $100.00 worth of Christmas cheer coming your way if you are our Blog Giveaway Winner!  Read below for all the ways to enter our favorite giveaway yet.
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Happy Halloween

November 1, 2009    6:30 am

My morning routine begins.  I'm checking out The Secret is In The Sauce (SITS).  I was reading through some of  today's posts  regarding The SITS 2nd Annual Halloween Parade when I look to my right to see my granddaughter (Trinity Joyce Chapin Princess Ballerina Butterfly) has gotten up, put her princess dress on and is quietly sitting at the dining room table having a breakfast of Halloween candy.

I know it is going to be a crazy, hyper day...and there are only 53 days and 16 hours left until Christmas.


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